Stay out of my business/ had a day of forcing myself to do things (depression is so hard to fight).

I’m going to start off by saying that I am aware of ‘mates’ I’ve cut off contacting my family members asking questions about me. I don’t want them doing that because I keep my private life separate from other things and those I hang around with on the outside of it now. I cut a load of people off for a reason so please don’t go messaging my family because they’ve been told not to say anything to anyone. I’m not in prison again. I have disappeared because I need to do that as I don’t feel well at the moment. I’m normally into everything but not at the moment.

I have barely been out this past week. I’ve hardly done anything this week. I made myself do some housework today because it was quite bad. I’ve gained a lot of weight but that’s because I have comfort eaten each day this week. I’m not even going to buy that much food next week because I will just eat too much. The more I tell myself that I am not going to eat too much, the more I eat. I eat when I’m full because emotionally I’m empty… so irritating!

I saw the new Doctor Who tonight. I don’t watch it but I was somewhere that someone else was watching it. I know that a lot of people weren’t happy that this regeneration was a female. I thought that it was actually quite good. It was much better than I expected. I’m by no means a Doctor Who geek but I know a few that were looking forward to tonight for weeks. They’ve been tweeting about it at an annoying rate.