Feeling so much better now. This is how I did it.

I’m feeling so much better now. I cannot stress how much proper sleep helps. I fell asleep quite early because there was nothing worth watching on television after the second coronation street. I’m not really a fan of family guy anymore and they’re mostly repeats nowadays. I’ve kind of started to outgrow it anyway. I spent about half an hour writing my book. I drank some water after taking something to put me to sleep. Tonight it knocked me out like it is supposed to do. I woke up feeling much better. The sore feeling I had all over my body has now gone. I still feel like I have a cold but my nose is a lot less runny. The water has made my skin feel so much better. I’m hoping that the painkillers have worked their way out of my body. I feel more relaxed. The feeling of being agitated has started to subside. I was really anxious for the last few days. I was wound up to the point that I was literally climbing the walls mentally. I need sleep but having autism makes it hard to get proper sleep. I’m always naturally awake during nocturnal hours. The cats are too until the very early mornings when they come in from outside and fall asleep on my bed. It’s natural for cats to be like that. Humans can’t be like that though. It’s like cats can be grumpy little sh*ts and still be loved for it. Humans get disliked for being the same. I’m going to try to get back to sleep now anyway because the cats have fallen asleep next to me and it’s all rather chilled here.