I am not well and feel terrible. Quite stressed at the little things today.

I feel like I have a cold. I actually feel sore all over and my nose won’t stop running. I definitely can’t do anything during these withdrawal symptoms. I went for a walk to get some fresh air but I came back with a streaming nose. I actually took a toilet roll with me because it was that bad while I was walking. I may have a cold but it has coincided with the withdrawal symptoms and is basically making me feel even worse. I didn’t feel like I was getting a cold before I stopped the painkillers. I am trying to do house work so that I’ve caught up with the various jobs that need doing.

I’ve got hold of the cats and put their next dosage of anti flea spot on because they still have some fleas. I do them every day which is helping reduce them but I have to put the spot on stuff on them because it destroys the eggs and that is the only thing that breaks the cycle. There is absolutely no chance that they can survive in my flat because I spray my rooms and furniture on a daily basis. The fleas literally have no where to go as everywhere is sprayed with stuff. I would have found them earlier if I hadn’t ended up in prison.  The cats do not like the process anyway. It’s a stressful process trying to put things on them and they walk away from being combed when they get fed up. Mister even starts trying to scratch and bite me. I assure them that I am as fed up with the current issue as they are but if I leave them then it is going to get more itchy for them. I’ve washed my bedding at a high heat because the cats like to come sleep on the bed. I’ve sprayed the mattress as well. I do all this because there was one occasion where they got them and literally it was like ‘attack of the fleas’. I’ve washed a lot of things at 60 degrees because that is the temperature which kills things like fleas (even stray eggs left on fabrics).

I’m off to get some of the housework done now. I was having a break to eat my lunch and a sit down after my walk. I’m trying to eat more regularly but I’m not hungry much. I just don’t eat 3 meals a day. Breakfast is either non existent because I’m either on the go or if I don’t have to be anywhere I’m in bed until later on. I’m trying to change that but this all depends on my sleep pattern too. I took a sleeping tablet last night and it didn’t work. I was awake until the normal time that I sleep, later because the last time I looked at the clock was half 5 in the morning. I got the sleepy feeling but it never actually knocked me out. It might be withdrawal affects because they include insomnia. I should be able to reset my sleep pattern when the painkillers have got out of my system. I honestly can’t do anything that requires thinking at the moment. I just have absolutely no ability to concentrate on anything today. I will sleep really well when these withdrawal affects wear off. When they filtered the overdose out of my system at the hospital last year I felt great for the next few days. I react to chemicals quite strongly. I have the most random allergies. The stuff in my drip that the hospital gave me actually caused an allergic reaction which they had to counteract with an anti allergy injection. In one way I felt better but I was itchy and my ears were feeling funny. I declined another more diluted detox drip medication because I was scared I’d react again. Apparently people do react to the first set of medication because it is concentrated. They explained the risk that my liver could suddenly react maybe weeks later. I’m still alive a year later, albeit with side effects that hasn’t been pleasant. That is why I had to give them up.