Month: October 2018

  • I didn’t do my plans today. I’m getting better but it varies.

    I was enthusiastic to go out this morning until I got up to get ready. I decided that I wasn’t ready. I have a migraine too which isn’t helping. I am getting better but it’s varying from day to day. One day I could wake up and feel able to do things. Then the next […]

  • Halloween hair :) And I can be myself at this time of year!

    I had some wash in hair dye left over so I decided to put it in my hair for Halloween. I’m off out tomorrow to the knitting group thing but I cannot remember how to knit. I just felt like getting out again because I’m starting to gain weight due to not going out a […]

  • Up stupidly early and hate the cold weather!

    I got up at an early hour to get the cat into the Vets because her teeth are playing up. She’s got to go back for dental work next month. I need to take Mister to see the nurse at the Vets later this week because his claws are so long that they are like […]

  • I don’t like food. I don’t want to get fat!

    I just don’t want to eat much. I’m fed up with others asking me if I get hungry. No I don’t because the thought of putting weight on puts me off that feeling. I’m not feeling up to eating either. I can’t be bothered to cook while I’m feeling this depressed. I can barely do […]

  • I cannot have my diagnosis delayed anymore.

    I really need the support before I go down any further because I do not want to reach breakdown point. I can feel myself going that way. I feel like I’m clinging onto the edge between sanity and complete breakdown. I need the help that I can only access by getting a PDA label. I […]