Totally going to spell this out right now.

I’m going to have to say this because I’m starting to get fed up of being approached for dates. I’m sorry but I am seriously not interested in dating anyone. I have lost count of how many times I’ve said this same line. I’m used to being single. I’m okay with being single. I have no desire to pair up with anyone. I have always been a loner. I don’t even get lonely anymore. I like my own space and my life as it is because to me it is freedom. I have no desire to incorporate anyone else into my life in that way. I can’t think of anything worse than sharing my life with someone else. Even from a young age I knew I’d never really be in a relationship. I have tried it when I was younger but it never felt meant to be.

I appreciate that people want to date me but I’m really not the woman for you. I am sure that there are others out there for the people who have asked me out. I’m definitely not the person that you’ll ever want as a partner. We all have a role in life and mine is on my own until the day I die. In some respects it may sound a bit awful to those that aren’t like me. Although, I’m cool with that life. I don’t even let people that I like touch me. It feels absolutely unnatural to me. I can feel the energies of others and if I touch them it is too much. Also, if you’ve had as much negative experiences with others as I have from an young age, you’re not wanting to engage with others as an adult. I don’t trust others at all. How could anyone be with me knowing I couldn’t trust them? It’s a difficult thing not to take personally. I get that others think I’m attractive, but I’m just not interested in dating and I most likely never will be. I just want to be friends with others at the very most. I keep things to myself. I’m not as much of an open book as I appear. I have a private side that I keep out of the public reach. 

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  1. People are actually that un-subtle about it? :/ I remember a few (a very few!) people having a crush on me but that was back in my teens. And God knows why considering I was an unpleasant gangly thing. Then again I thought it was just a wind-up when people started complaining about the prevalence of unwanted knob pictures in their mailbox.

    I dunno, probably says a lot about me that my first reaction was this must be online: I tend to forget that this so-called “real life” thing is a thing. I like to meet people I first knew online and have done so often in the 30-odd years since I first discovered the social side of computing, but it’s not for everyone. That said I did meet my other half that way: I came to visit nearly 20 years ago and still haven’t left yet.

    Anyway, yeah. Some people aren’t ready for a relationship or just aren’t interested. Although I think human interaction is important for everyone, it’s also important to respect others. I admit I’m sometimes a bit pushy if someone doesn’t reply but that’s another matter entirely; and one of utmost hypocrisy considering I’m often a terrible correspondent myself.


    • I only want friendships and that legal crap sorted. But to others it was like I was asking for all their money or something.


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