The rebranding of myself and the blog is now completed.

The blog has a new page on Facebook. I’ve put the new link on the original pages wall. I’m hoping that those that want to switch over will do so by the time the deletion schedule is completed in 14 days. The new page is more professional. I’m going to ask that you keep any of my personal stuff off of there if you’re commenting. There are things I’ve shared with people on a one to one level which I don’t want mentioning on a professional page. Despite the pain of what has gone on, I’ve decided to still go into Journalism. I don’t need a specific degree in the subject. I now have some legal training via my GCSE which is something that apparently you are required to have in some form or other. I also have a literate level of English due to getting a C at GCSE. I actually still remember a lot of Teeline shorthand that I learned during my short time at University. I remember the letters and some of the blends eg. l and r looks like a long l, m and r looks like a large shorthand M, f in shorthand and l moulds into each other. I’m sure it wouldn’t take me long to fill in my gaps. I still get nervous about trying to do it at the speed required though because I’m quite a slow thinker. I have to get my brain in auto mode. eg. Everything I hear I’m literally putting as much as I’m hearing on the page. That is the difficult part and a lot of us struggled with remembering the shorthand at speed when we first started it. 

It was never good for me to give up what I wanted to do as a career from as far back as I remember because of something that happened. I can’t let someone else’s actions ruin my life. I don’t want to make anyone else feel bad about me giving up my original career dream because of their toxic involvement in my life. I will always struggle with shyness due to lack of confidence. However, it doesn’t mean that I should give up completely. I could do more writing that actual Journalism but still do as much as I can manage. It’s in my nature to dig things up that society would rather keep hidden. I can’t help that side of me and it gets me into trouble. I’ve always been a person who simply cannot stay silent when they see something wrong. I can’t stand the terrible things that people do in this world. I will always have to say something. I just can’t keep my mouth shut. I may as well try to get paid for that eventually.

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