Moody for a reason. This is my personality now so just deal with it!

I see that people have started noticing my new personality. That is who I am now because of what has happened. I don’t see why I should continue to be the nice and quiet type if people treat me the way that they have done. I certainly can’t be bothered to make an effort for others anymore. I am done with ambition and trying to be more than I am so that others actually accept me. I really don’t want to accept losing a chance to be friends with the one person I wanted in my life. I’ve been forced into a corner and I will end up in prison if I push it again. It’s common for people to become an awful uncaring miserable sarcastic person after they don’t get the one they wanted. That is what has happened to me. I honestly do NOT give a damn about anyone else anymore. I despise other human beings and I just want to be on my own. This hate for them has been created over many years, it’s not just because of more recent events. I will do every day life but others can forget getting anything nice from me ever again. I don’t even truly smile anymore. I’m not going to smile when I’m not happy.

The law may justify what others have done to me. However, they were morally wrong regardless of what the law states. The actions they took against me was completely cruel. I have no malice within me. I got accused of all sorts because of what was being said behind my back. I only ever wanted to be friends and they wouldn’t even do that. It’s not like I wanted money, an intimate relationship or whatever. I simply don’t ask for money or do intimate relationships. If others have bothered to properly get to know me rather than making accusations, then they would have established what I do not do in my life. I’m completely as cold as stone now. I fully point the finger at the other person for causing me to get hooked on painkillers. They pushed me into it by their actions. They’ve broken me so much that I am now emotionless. I no longer even feel the hurt from the situation. I’m now just bitter and becoming a different person.