I have had one of those days.

I’m stressed out because I’ve had so much to sort out today. I had to hand paperwork in to my doctors to be able to make appointments online. I have made one for tomorrow because I need to try to get the doctor on my side if I am to back up that I’m in no fit state to do unpaid work. I need an official of PTSD anyway. And my diagnosis officially changed from Asperger Syndrome to PDA (if that is possible, I’m told that it isn’t now because Autism Spectrum Disorder has been collectively brought together). I can’t go on with the nightmares and high anxiety without saying something because I can’t live this long term. I need to prove that things have affected me badly. I am really not able to put on a brave face and carry on as normal any more. I can’t be consistent with anything if I can’t sleep etc. I really want to finally pass my Maths GCSE. I find Maths hard enough without the mental affects of what has gone on going around my head constantly.

Also, a tip when dealing with Cat fleas. I sprayed my whole flat and then put spot on onto the Cats. However, I completely forgot that when they can’t go anywhere because everywhere has been sprayed, then they’ll jump onto the nearest thing that hasn’t got it on. That happened to be me. I am now itching and cannot wait to have a bath and spray all my clothes. It’s a good idea to spray your clothes too before you start putting the stuff on the cats because the fleas will vacate the cats fur when they feel the affects of the spot on. I was only sitting next to the cat after I put the flea stuff on them. 

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