New rules – Modifying the energies surrounding me.

I have blocked a load of people that I no longer want to be friends with as I do not like their energies or they make me feel uncomfortable. I would like to say it’s me not you just so that no one’s feelings get hurt. I’ve gone ahead and ghosted them and I feel bad about it but I don’t need negative people in my life telling me I’ll never succeed. I want people around me who believe in my abilities. The more I’ve accepted into my life that don’t believe in me seems to multiply that attitude. I have to block that attitude out of my life if I want positive law of attraction. The negative energy of those that have been blocked are affecting my success in all areas of life. It’s how it works and also it upsets me when they spread their negative opinions of my abilities because of how I’ve been labelled.

Anything is possible with the right energies around a person. This has been proven. It literally can change the outcome of many situations by cutting a load of people off who are getting toxic in your life. I’m empathic and these people’s energy are very heavy on me. They may not even think they carry toxic energy but a lot of us are unaware of it lingering around us. Our energies are built from the things that happen to us. We don’t even realise we are carrying it. I have been considering doing this for a long time. In prison I realised that I had to do it. It’s the only way to get my life back and for positive things to happen for me. Those that didn’t believe in me will be eating their negative words in ten years when I’ve proven them wrong. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but it is my choice who I have in my life. I have to get away from the energy surrounding these people to be given a chance by others and to have a career. It’s nothing personal. I just don’t want others energies destroying my life chances.

I’m working hard to pass my Maths GCSE and after that I will be going on to an access course. I need to concentrate on these things now to even begin a degree to gain entry to a career. I have to work to being the best I can be despite my difficulties in Maths. Studying is hell, but by the time I’m 40 I want to have an undergraduate and a masters. That isn’t going to happen with having certain others hanging around me. Many of them do not believe I’m intelligent and tell me to basically accept my limited life. They’re affecting my law of attraction so that I don’t get where I want to be in life.