Bloated :( In pain…. not happy today.

I’m in a lot of pain tonight. I am bloated because of my girly stuff. The whole of my lower back is hurting and I went dizzy so I’m most likely anaemic again. I’ve been trying to eat more but I don’t want to gain too much weight on. I sometimes don’t feel like even eating anything. I couldn’t get up today because I felt so down. I need to sort so many things out this week that even thinking of doing them makes me extremely tired. I don’t know where I stand with my work placement because I messaged everyone as I wasn’t wanting to speak to anyone (I can’t do phones when I’m really anxious).

I’ve told my Offender Manager how things are affecting me at the moment. I text her how I felt and told her I cannot help it. If people don’t understand mental illness or even Autism, then they’re not going to take on board what I’ve said. I get overly anxious the night before my unpaid work and then I have to go there without any sleep. I can’t do that because then it makes me ill. It’s not a choice. This is how I’m affected by what I’ve been through. I’ve read way too many things to come to the conclusion that others will do the right thing.