I have heard this term many times over the last few years. This is the generation born between 1982 and 2000. This makes me technically one of them because I was born in the late 80s. The other generations have nothing positive to say about ‘Millennials. I look at the other Millennials ways and feel like I’m not like them in many ways. Okay, I like the technology we now have and am on it a lot. However, I am not lazy. When I don’t do things I have a genuine reason… even if it’s just anxiety or depression. I don’t feel entitled to anything unless I’ve worked hard and feel that I should have got some kind of appreciation at the very least. Everyone can be shallow and selfish, even the other generations which have gone before and after us. I think that is something we all are as a younger person. As a young person you’re just thrown into this life knowing nothing and being inexperienced.

Shallowness and Selfishness is how every young person is until they find out it isn’t just about them in this world. Fame obsessed, well, I’d say that I used to be that way. Social media makes it hard not to want to be liked by others. People updating their relationship statues, talking about the wonderful relationships they have, posting selfies etc. This has made them become rather competitive. For instance, on Twitter it’s all about how many followers a person can get for a lot of millennials. I honestly do not care about how many followers I’ve got on this blogs Twitter page. . I have lost followers every week, but I regain the numbers again. Therefore I’ve actually lost nothing, just continuing to attract followers. Everyone seems to be a blogger in this generation. They all think that they have something to say. I hold my hands up to being like that but I feel that my sort of blog is a lot more educational than the beauty and fashion blogs ran by many people in my generation. I am aware that a lot of people with ASD’s have their own blogs but I try to make mine different. I  don’t want to be just a blogger. I wrote a book as a teenager expecting no one to buy it but actually sold about 300 copies over 9 years. It wasn’t that expensive and quite small. I don’t want to be seen as a millennial. I’ve always felt older but acted younger than my age. I know it’s confusing.






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  1. Bloody youth of today, etc. Said everybody about the next generation going back approximately forever! I’m not even sure that social media is really making things as different as people think either: it’s a different medium for doing the same thing, whatever the thing in question is. I think my main thing as a Gen-X type (depending on who you ask: every time I look I see a different range of years) is that kids today don’t protest enough about stuff. Or maybe they do and I’m just looking in the wrong place.

    What I find to be a bit sad is that, like so many other people reaching a certain age, I wish I was younger; but even glossing over what I was like when I was younger, actually I don’t really envy today’s generation. Back when I was growing up we had typically better and more assured access to healthcare, free education *and* we’d get maintenance grants, we still just about had access to affordable housing and the possibility of a reasonably secure vocation with which to pay for it, actually had some form of society where people weren’t paranoid about their neighbours, the public utilities didn’t try to bilk you at every turn and the banks were still regulated, and the music was better. :p On the other hand, some things sucked, I mean the attitudes to e.g. LGBT people are not awesome. But nowadays I wonder that people are not getting off to such a great start in life, being expected to accumulate a crippling debt before even starting to work at an insecure job with dubious prospects and spending half their life commuting. Maybe they just don’t have time to protest.


    1. I think that my generation are too passive. I see that only the odd few, like myself, will speak out. But as we get punished for it by those of the older generation; I know why they don’t want to speak out against things that go on which are far from right in this society.


      1. I think my generation has also become a bit too comfortable and placid: though I guess it is usually the job of the upcoming generation to be the agitators and for everyone else to moan about them! 😀 But even though we haven’t had it quite as bad as the Millennials, we’re all getting the shitty end of the stick from “The Worst Generation”, i.e. the Baby Boomers, who’ll have left nothing for any of us. I mean obviously they’re not all like that, that’s not the case with any generation or other demographic, and likewise it’s not as if every Gen-X-er is into doing the right thing considering Porky and Cokey, the former Tory double-act who really ran the country into the ground are two of “us”, embarrassingly. But even buried by all the responsibilities mentioned, I sometimes wonder if the spark has gone with the Millennials. Maybe social media really is a form of soma.


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