Very tired :( And, got a long day…

This is only a quickly written entry because I need a nap before I go out this evening. I managed to sleep a bit last night but it wasn’t enough. It’s better than the whole of this week when I’ve literally laid awake every night. I even laid awake one of the nights when I was actually exhausted because I’d not slept and been awake all that day. I have been worried a lot due to knowing I couldn’t do my community payback hours and being punished for not being able to do it. On the other hand I don’t want to let the place down. I am really stressed at the moment and I was prepared to agree with anything just to get out of my Prison sentence at the time they replaced them at the Appeal. I just wanted to get out. If I’d have done my time or even my time until I was on tag then I’d have done my punishment and it would all be behind me. This has just given me extra stuff as well as my time that I did inside waiting for the Appeal.

I only just managed to get on the GCSE level Maths course today. I only got 5 out of 21 on the assessment. I don’t understand how because I was practicing at home and got 46 out of 62 on there. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do a test anyway. It definitely showed today. Then I was told that my lattice method for multiplication questions was an older method that they no longer teach. It’s not like it is old as I only learnt it 2 years ago when I started Entry Level 3 at the adults college. It was also none calculator. We were allowed to use calculator at level 2 at the adults college. They don’t allow us to use calculators in the assessments. That means we haven’t had to do it in our heads. This meant that in some cases I couldn’t work it out on paper without a calculator. Then there are bits that I have forgotten since I finished my level 2 while I was in Prison. I get 6 weeks to prove that I am able to do the GCSE level starting from tonight. 

2 thoughts on “Very tired :( And, got a long day…

  1. I can totally understand you agreeing to all this at the time: as you say, you needed to be out of there for all sorts of reasons, and even when it’s non-critical, I find myself doing likewise because my optimism about how well I can cope with stuff often exceeds my ability to actually do it. Sounds like you may have had something similar going on.

    Good luck with your thing tonight: although being knackered isn’t helpful you’re clearly a resourceful and determined type so hopefully that’ll pull you through.


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