Unexpected late night due to some issues. I’m very stressed out right now.

I planned to go to bed early tonight. That all changed once I received a message on my phone saying suspicious activity had been noticed on my bank account. I logged in and found that someone had spent the following: £150 on a BT Bill in Durham, £111 on Southern Rail Tickets and £52 on Just Eat in London. I called up my bank straight away to cancel the card. I have also reported these transactions as fraud and gave my permission for the case to be passed onto the police. The bank can see it wasn’t me making these purchases because they looked into the IP address used and found that it was miles away from my locality. They also left a mobile number when booking the tickets which has come up on my bank statement. It’s all been handed over to the police via the fraud team at the bank. I’m told that once the payments have gone through rather than pending they will reimburse my account within one business day.

I have my unpaid work in the morning. If I’m late then I get sent home. I’m really tired as I’ve spent the day sorting things out. I barely slept last night. I just can’t relax now that has happened. I hope that they get tracked down and arrested for fraud as that is a substantial amount of money to authorise from someone else’s account. It’s not the odd few pounds, but it’s been spent all in one day. I definitely want charges to issued on the person(s) if they do find them. It makes me angry that they think that it is fair game to just purchase things for themselves using another person’s money. I don’t use trains, have anything to do with bt as a company or even use justeat to order food. They obviously had a brilliant day out using my card details to pay for things. Paying a massive bill (how on earth you get a bill from BT that large I do not know), booking train tickets and then food. I don’t even get to have that kind of lifestyle due to being on benefits so I’m sure as hell not going to let others live that lifestyle with my money. You can’t tell me those purchases were just for a single person usage.

The amounts suggest at least a couple of culprits. The one that committed the fraud is the one that issued the purchase though knowing that the card details did not belong to them. Unfortunately, this means that if it was a group nicking my card then only the one that used the details to order things for the group would have committed the fraudulent activity. I’m still not letting them get away with it, catching one of the group is at least some form of result. I know that I’m going to get the money back. However, I feel strongly that they should be punished for stealing and using others card details.