I feel energy and it’s unsettling me. I can’t even turn this negative energy off because it isn’t caused by my actions.

I’m aware that I can’t do anything otherwise I’ll end up in prison again. But, this doesn’t stop me feeling the stagnated energy. It’s not pleasant and I don’t feel that I should be the one to feel it because I’ve paid for what I’ve done by the punishment I received several times over. I know that others may think that they’re old enough to know more than me, but they actually do not. The things that they might be feeling at this point in time (I’m picking them up from somewhere) aren’t going to go away leaving whatever as it is. The only way that this energy is going to clear from all of us involved is if someone else does the right thing. They know that they’ve done me wrong and made me out to be someone I’m not to everyone that they know. This is why they have the order in place as it ensures that they don’t have to confront the pain they’ve caused me if they came face to face with me.

They’ve played avoidance tactics for the last three years because they told me I wouldn’t get kicked out of university, but the exact opposite happened. They have acted like a coward making themselves out to be a victim when they’re not, they’re just trying to get out of the guilt that I know they feel. They’re even avoiding the guilt feelings. They can’t keep running from how they feel because this energy lingering around us and the situation is just going to continue to cause problems. I know that it’s made me ill. It will cause havoc in their life too. I’ve felt this thing lingering for the last few nights. It’s kept me awake. Unfortunately, I can’t end it. Their avoidance is causing this energy to be active. I may feel things but  I can’t be the one to end it. The order being taken off and them quitting this quest on treating me like a disease. I’m not. I only feel things, I don’t make them happen. I only feel that this energy isn’t going to go away. It’s affecting me. I just want it gone but I have no power to show it the door. I can’t do the actions which will free us all from the affects of this heavy energy hanging over us and the situation.

It’s not pleasant for me. I still feel the affects of the energy stagnating because of how things are right now, even if I’m not the one whose actions have left it this way. These energies have been known to kill and that’s me being realistic, not scaremongering to get what I’d prefer in the situation. I personally don’t want this negative energy lingering around me because of the other person’s actions. However, I cannot act to get rid of the energies floating around because that is out of my jurisdiction.