The path to releasing anger. This is how it all works and how I let go of my anger and resentment.

I decided to write a piece on this topic after a conversation I had today when someone asked me about how I could not be angry at what has happened to me in the past. I am not angry anymore about my past. It was a long process to let go of the anger which I felt towards certain things and people. I ended up in prison and learned how to let go of that anger. I learned it off of other prisoners. If you don’t let go of the anger that you feel towards situations and people, then you’ll be in a negative cycle for your entire life.

We learned about something called ‘the law of attraction’ via a book called the secret. It was basically about changing how you think and believing that anything you think can manifest. It will stop you thinking negatively because you become conscious  that if you think something negative it may manifest into reality. I think I used to do this unconsciously. I used to let my anxiety take control of my thoughts. I used to actually believe that I was a failure, especially in relationships/friendships and that would lead to me ultimately getting into negative situations and attracting others that were negative or had undesirable energy. Those people are not an influence that anyone wants in their lives.

However, if you think negatively or are pessimistic all the time, those are the only individuals which will come into your life. I’m not saying that others chose to be negative or not so nice people. We all have our own binds and some of us are tainted by our experiences for life. It is well documented that someone who has been abused can grow up to become an abuser. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, unconsciously, individuals can behave negatively against others because of past traumas. Again, no one is definable as a ‘bad person’. We are all moulded by our life experiences and react to circumstances that result in negative outcomes. The key is not to stay in that negative cycle because you’ll end up becoming an unhappy and bitter person. That was me before I ended up in prison and learned all this stuff. Another prisoner taught me these things via books that people had given to them. She uses it within her mentoring of the new prisoners who are a bit lost (like I was when I got in there).

We are all stuck believing the illusion that we cannot change, our lives will always be this way. We aren’t taught that there is power in our thoughts and, if we stay positive, we will end up with a life that is positive and uplifting. It is all about what and how we think. I’m not saying that we have to be blindly optimistic, however, positive thinking is helpful to manifest what we desire in life. You do have to be realistic because of the influence of others indirectly affecting your life because we’re all interconnected. eg. one person may be thinking positively about a situation, but the other rather negatively. You’re both influencing the outcome but there are both negative and positive energies basically acting like a wall so things will stay stagnated. Fear, anxiety, anger etc, are all causes of energy blocks. You have to learn to chill out and go with the flow of life. These energies that surround us are like tides. It is a struggle to swim against a tidal wave of energy, just like it would be if we were in the sea. Letting go of anger stops that struggle because we’re no longer attracting negative energies which latch on to anger. 

One thought on “The path to releasing anger. This is how it all works and how I let go of my anger and resentment.

  1. Thought-provoking stuff. I have often noticed that there is a bit of a like-attracts-like when it comes to negativity and positivity; I’ve often wondered if well-adjusted people have a sort of instinctive, unconscious aversion to negativity, so although it’s not driven by callousness, it does mean that a person imbued with negativity tends to filter even more of it into their lives. And I guess my opinion that there are some fundamentally bad people is irrelevant, ultimately it perhaps makes little difference if we end up with such an imbalance.

    It’s a bit weird for me because I’m actually an optimist at heart: so when I say, for example, I know you’ll do well today, it’s not just me offering platitudes and general reassuring noises, I know it’s true. But as soon as I’m in that situation, fear takes hold and it seems that begets anger, which “proves” that the fear is correct, and there begins another endless cycle. Which I guess is the thing that needs to be broken.

    Thanks for posting that. Even if I do want to tell you off for writing it instead of sleeping! :p All the best for today.


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