Well, normal service seems to be resumed…. not that I missed it.

Those that know me are aware that I am what some would call psychic. I just see it as a gift that can become a curse at times. I feel things and just ‘know things’ that come into my head and I have dreams which predict things. I’ve started seeing those number things again. I’ve seen 1515 on the clock 2 days in a row, 444 and 333. I never saw things like that in prison and, for the first 3 weeks I was in there, I never dreamed at all.  It’s like my ‘gifts’ shut themselves down for a while. However, the last week I was in there it came back very strongly. I was picking up so much off of others and I was surrounded by lots of different energies in there. Obviously, because of where we were, they weren’t all nice to feel. I knew that my appeal was going to work because I felt it. I felt that I was going to get imprisoned on the day I get sent to prison too. It was a nice break not to have this side of me for three weeks. But now it’s back more than ever and I’m seeing the numbers again more and more as the days are passing.

Others that have the same ‘gift’ say that I shouldn’t be feeling bothered by this because it doesn’t mean anything bad. I’m just awakening to the world that is around me. But, I don’t feel that this is a good thing because I feel that this world has become an evil place. It feels evil and completely messed up. Those that us who feel things should at least be able to do something about it. I feel hopeless seeing and feeling how this world is becoming and being totally unable to do anything about it.

I’m thinking about those that I met on the inside tonight. The ones that have long term sentences. I feel that it’s so sad that they’ll be spending a lot of their lives in there.  A month in there wasn’t nice but the thought of years in that environment makes me feel really sorry for them. I am aware they all did something wrong legally to end up in there, and some of those things may have been terrible. However, I still feel for them because there were many who were just victim of circumstances. They didn’t willingly do the crime that they got convicted for doing. I met women who had been convicted of murder which carries a sentence of 8 years and the parole board decides if or when they’re let out.

Before I ended up in there, I thought 8 years was not a long enough sentence for taking the life of another intentionally. I have now changed my views. 8 years in that kind of environment is enough punishment for taking the life of another purposefully. I’m not sympathising with others that have potentially done terrible things. I can just see it from a different perspective now. Most of those who want people put in prison have never done time themselves. They do not have a clue how much of a punishment every single day really is in there. I’m now a firm believer that we should be focusing more on rehabilitation that retribution type punishments. I think the Netherlands has tried this approach and it’s worked very well. They’ve actually shut down a lot of their prisons because their approach has worked and there isn’t enough prison population to keep them open. We need to adopt a system like the Netherlands in the UK because all aspects of their system is humane and helpful. Unlike ours, which is crumbling at record levels and none of our help systems are working properly. We are in crisis in this country and we really have to do something about it.

It doesn’t have to be the way it is because it’s helping absolutely no one and everything is just more stressful than it needs to be. We should seriously study the Netherlands government structure and system to adopt it here in the United Kingdom. I feel the conflict and the pain which is in society. A few systematic changes could make Britain less like that. It’s conflict and pain that doesn’t need to be. If we all pulled together, then we could change our system. At the moment people are just thinking there would be a need of so much overhaul that the effort required from each of us is too great to practically carry out. The power of thought can change things. We just have to think it and then it will manifest. Obviously, we are going to have to do actions too but the power of thought is more powerful than actions. That is what I learned off others in there.

If we all think collective positive thoughts, then all the conflict and pain without our current system and society will be a thing of the past. It’s all about belief and I know that we all want a kinder system here for ourselves and those that we love. We can manifest this if we work together. Even one person’s thoughts can create powerful outcomes which are positive. If we join together, then we could literally change this countries system to actually be kind and caring, but above all helpful.