Medication issues :/

I was released without my anti depressants and now I’m really starting to feel it. I have a migraine and feel like I’m getting a cold (or hay fever). I’m not sure if the migraine is related for not having medication for a week now. I’ve tried to sort it out. However, things are never straight forward when transferring things over. For example: I’ve been told throughout the week that my valuables will arrive during the week and now it looks as though they aren’t arriving until tomorrow morning after they’ve been on their way to the post room since Tuesday. I’m a bit durr brained tonight so I do feel like I’m missing the anti depressants now. I literally can’t think in sentences and it’s very annoying.  I have a sore throat so it may be a cold rather than medication related. I am starting to feel depressed again because of not having them. It’s been stressful this week any way because of all the things I’ve tried to sort out. I feel like my brain is overflowing. There is way too much to organise.

I keep drinking water because I’m trying not to drink fizzy drinks or caffeine as much. I’m hoping that it helps sort whatever this illness seems to be. Sometimes drinking water can also get rid of headaches. It’s worked before. I feel quite run down because everything is up in the air. I’m sure it will straighten itself out once things are organised more and everything is back with me. I love how others tell you to ‘take it easy’. I have no time whatsoever to take it easy. If I don’t chase things up and try to sort things, certainly no one else is going to do it for me. I catch every cold going around and it lasts about a fortnight. I never catch any other kind of bug though. I’m quite healthy in general and I try to eat the right stuff so that I don’t get ill. I can be round other kinds of bugs and not catch it. But, cold’s are attracted to me like some kind of leach. I’m going to have to go now because my head is quite bad. 

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  1. Definitely a guilty party with the “take it easy, relax!” thing: sorry. 😮 It seems like the right thing to say, but I see your point. And for that matter, do I take my own advice? Do I- er, no, I don’t. I’m not even sure I know how.

    And I can’t believe how much they’re dragging their feet getting your belongings back to you. I mean these are really obviously essential things that you need to have to be able to get on with your life. What’s wrong with them?!


    • It’s not as if I didn’t ring them to chase it. They told me yesterday that it was packaged up and being sent recorded delivery at 4 yesterday.


      • I bet you did! Even I would’ve been on at them and I’m terrified of using the phone. I just hope they’ve actually done it this time. Fingers crossed you get all your stuff this morning.

        They should’ve really used Special Delivery though, the tightwads.


      • It costs them money so they’re going to drag their feet. And unless they put my unused phone credit back onto my prisoner account then I wouldn’t have £5 on there for them to send stuff out. It’s a prison rule. Probably the reason why it look them so long.


      • Oh, yeah, I heard about something similar: anything that’s mailed out is done at the prisoner’s expense and comes out of the meagre weekly allowance, including returning anything you’re sent which you’re not allowed to have, which just seems pointlessly vindictive.

        But I’d never expected it to extend to returning your belongings to you! I mean especially stuff that’s absolutely essential, and hanging on to meds is irresponsible and potentially very dangerous for some people. What a nice Catch-22 situation that is, it can’t be paid for because in essence they’ve got all your money and you can’t drive down there to get it because they’ve got your car keys too. You couldn’t make this stuff up.


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