Life without a car is exhausting!

I walked 5 miles to a relatives for Sunday Lunch. I do still have my car, but I cannot use it because I’m still waiting for my property/valuables to be returned to me as they got signed into secure storage at the place I was imprisoned. Nothing moves during a bank holiday, so I have to wait for things to come back to me at a slower pace than it would normally if it was a normal week.

I’m hoping that the car starts when I do get my car keys back. I know that cars seize up after non use for a while, but my car has quite a new battery and the weather hasn’t been cold etc. It was in a private car park so it has been exposed to some elements from the weather over the 4 weeks it hasn’t been used. Someone taught me how to think positively to manifest things. Therefore, I am now thinking the car WILL start when I get my keys back. You have to actually believe in what you wish to manifest and I could never do that before I was taught how to do it in prison by another person into spiritual things. I firmly believed that I was getting out on my appeal date.

I was released that day. Albeit, the sentence was replaced with other requirements which involve working with probation and unpaid work etc. The main manifestation I wanted to make a reality was to be released from my prison sentence. I will do the requirements to make up for the things that I did because I deserved it. I was stupidly naïve and did things quite reckless. Even if I couldn’t see it at the time, it was reckless to others.

I’m now 8 stone 13lbs (56kg or 125lbs). I didn’t even try to lose weight. It’s just not having been allowed fizzy drinks for a month. I literally drank tea for the whole month throughout the day. We didn’t move a lot either and the food was fattening so it must have been not having that in my diet.

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