Research into ‘smart drugs’ suggest that they may get rid of the negative parts of my PDA Autism.

I will start by saying that my ‘date’ didn’t work out last night because I still love another and I cannot live a lie regardless of circumstances meaning we can’t even be in each others lives for either the foreseeable future or forever. Depending on how things work out for both of us involved in each of our lives. I’d much rather be single than settle for someone that I know I could never love. Anyway, I’m not into guys, despite many wanting to date me… so no longer wasting my time dating the opposite sex. I’m not interested in them at all. I’d have the person I love in my life as a friend even if it couldn’t be anything else. I’ve never wanted to settle into a relationship. It just doesn’t appeal to me in any respects to have a partner. That’s always been the case. Yes, I’d love to be loved by those I have loved but all the physical stuff I do not bother about. Platonic love only is what I really want from another. 

Now we have the not so good news out the way. I’m going to go into my research on ‘smart drugs’. I truly feel that this one I’m going to talk about tonight is a potential cure for my Autism or at least the brain damage I suffered from medication as a youngster. I was quite sceptical about people using smart drugs because to be honest I don’t feel that it makes things fair in places like schools as those students have an advantage over the ones that aren’t taking intelligence enhancers.

I have done a lot of research into one type of these supplements and I am confident enough to try them. I have ordered them and am going to trial them for a month to see if I can feel any improvements. I’m the equivalent of a mad professor, I will experiment on myself. The medical profession aren’t helping us as PDA adults. We may as well try something rather than sit around constantly being failed and got at by others for our issues. That is basically what I’ve already done with the glasses I went private to get from (they’re on google). I’m finding that they’re helping my sensory issues. I don’t tend to feel so overwhelmed so much when I’m out around others.

The supplement I am going to trial is called Nefiracetam. It is classed as a nootropic and is relatively new on the market (you can buy it online). It is used to boost brainpower by increasing activity in certain key areas of the brain. It can be used to improve memory and learning capacity while also possessing some beneficial neuroprotective properties. It also improves critical analysis/logical thinking, increases attention spans, perception, concentration, focus, planning and impulse control. Some studies have even shown that it has improved spatial learning abilities.

But, even more importantly in my case, it can improve the maintenance and health of brain cells. I may not even need anti depressants eventually because this supplement has been found to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Basically, Nefiracetam, prolongs the opening of the calcium channels within the brain. It can rebalance the synapses and receptor signalling which stops them firing off abnormally. There has been former research done on the brains of people with Autism that have passed away and that was linked to the Synapses being a slightly different shape. In a living person there is no way of finding that out. It is only after death when they open up the brain that they can see those things.  The prolonging of the calcium channel can amplify the messages sent by the neurotransmitters from the synapses which basically helps memory and increases the communications between all areas of the brain. It releases GABA and Glutamate/Acetylcholine which are two of the most powerful neurotransmitters within the brain.

GABA helps to calm the brain down because it is the main inhibitory chemical, this is the part that creates the relaxed, stress/anxiety release effect.

Glutamate and Acetylcholine play a crucial role in development of memory which expands learning capacity and a wide range of additional cognitive processes and functions.

This is the best part though for potentially curing the negative aspects of PDA type Autism. These two neurochemicals (Glutamate and Acetylcholine) are also highly connected to the idea of synaptic plasticly and can provide the formation of new neurons and pathways in your brain. Those pathways could cure us of our social failings by creating new pathways which we are currently lacking. I’m very willing to try it after being failed by the NHS and punished for my Autism. I may be the one that makes an important discovery by using myself as a test subject. Obviously, if it has any major positive effects then we’d have to get research trial participants because it has to be officially proven before the medical profession can offer it as an treatment for the negative parts of the Autism which makes us outcasts and loses everyone special to us. I’m trying this because I don’t want that kind of life anymore.  

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