Not slept in 24 hours :(

I was really bugged by things that have happened for the last couple of days. I literally haven’t slept. A doctors pill can’t change my reasons for being this way. I personally can’t change what is  bugging me either. I’m just so exhausted but managed to make important phone calls to sort DWP out. The woman saw all the evidence on screen which meant I was telling the truth about informing them straight away. And, also my support group request has been forwarded to a management team so that this gets sorted too. I rang the tribunal place and they said I’ve been waiting 13 weeks and on average there is a 39 week wait for PIP tribunal. They told me ways that I can encourage the court to hear it more urgently, but I can’t do that until I’ve rearranged my Maths exam which I missed due to this and how I’m generally feeling at the moment. I’m suffering PTSD like symptoms replaying everything that has gone on for the last few decade of my life (it has been quite traumatic living with a condition that others don’t understand. I can’t force others to understand but how I’ve been treated has traumatised me. I cannot settle at the moment. 

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