Money is very tight for me… any donations via my link would be hugely appreciated.

I haven’t been around a lot due to my financial issues the last couple of days. I’m trying to earn little bits of money on a freelance basis (but the rates are really not enough to afford to live). I am currently waiting for my Personal Independence Payment Tribunal (already been waiting many months for that). I’ve had to rely on friends and relatives who I do not feel should have the responsibility of financing me as they have their own bills and rent/mortgage to pay.

This is why I have created a link (wasn’t comfortable about giving out my email address in a public capacity. I am a disabled person (Autism and Mental Health Issues). I’m not getting a lot of support from the system, therefore I’m having to finance things that help my Autism and Mental Health myself.   If anyone has any donations which they can spare, then please donate in the link below. I will be forever thankful for your generosity and kindness. To send any small donation you can (because every random act of kindness helps in this world) please click the link to and follow the instructions.

Thank you x



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