Artistic Expression Experimentation and my new ‘Autism Glasses’.

I’ve not been blogging so often this week because I have been writing a few freelance things (to try to survive on my benefit cuts). I have also been extremely tired and been working on my exercises because, as I slacked, I gained a bit of weight. I slept a lot of today after going to pick up my prescription and get the form for the registering with the new GP practice. I just had an overwhelming tiredness when I got home this afternoon. I had to go to sleep and didn’t wake up until late. I still managed  to do my hair though (despite finishing the whole process at 2am).

This is the colours that I blended into my hair (temporary in case I wasn’t as creative as I assumed).

hair colour mix

And this was the result  (hints on the side and cascading softly on lower layers of my hair at the back):



back of hair


These are my new Autism glasses.

social anxiety glasses

They’re supposed to help with sensory overload and prevent anxiety levels becoming too high. I’ve only had them since Monday. I honestly cannot make a proper judgement about whether they work yet. I seem to be able to read people better because I’m noticing the little subtle hints that I’ve previously never been able to see before. I’ve always noticed small details but not socially. I feel more secure wearing my glasses. Everything is darker but I like the fact that it takes away the glare of things encountered in daily life. I used to get Migraines. It will be interesting to see if I get them again if these glasses cancel out visual distress. I use them on the laptop and my mobile phone which stops the glare from them. I always used to get very sore eyes from screens. Anyway, I’m sure as time goes on I will see what other uses they have for me. I’ve had to go private to get the chance to try this option, therefore, I’m hoping it is worth the money because I do not have a lot at the moment (as people know who read the blog due to the benefit issues). I can send them back but I am finding them useful already, therefore I am happy with the product. 

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