First salaried freelance article. – The United Kingdom is NOT the Land of Opportunity, IN FACT, IT IS A ‘SHAM’!

The United Kingdom is NOT the Land of Opportunity…

Emma-Lucy Thomson©

There have been many of those persecuted in their own country or have escaped the uttermost poverty and discord within their native countries. Only recently, the Syrians have been frantically making treacherous journeys across the sea to reach countries that they perceive as ‘safe’. The UK is one of these countries which has welcomed many other faiths and cultures onto its shores. We voted to leave the European Union (which was based on our Government not informing us of the full facts both on the leave and remain side) and then we want to predominately send back all those we’ve welcomed over the years to their country of birth. For instance, we welcomed the Windrush generation to Britain between 1948 and 1971. The Windrush generation brought their children over with them to Britain at that time. Many of these children were far too young to remember the country of their birth. They’ve subsequently grown up classing Britain as their home land. Many of those that class their home as Britain found themselves in receipt of ‘notices of removal’ as Adults due to changes within the UK’s immigration policies.
There are other European ethnicities e.g. Polish communities also being affected by the policies which have been updated since the Brexit decision. Those of whom have settled down here and had families have been told that they could face separation due to their position after we exit the European Union. The Children of dual nationality currently live in fear of being separated from one of their parents if they are ordered to be removed from the United Kingdom. The psychological abuse caused to these Children and their families could be horrendous for the unfortunate families caught up in these events.
The problems with the United Kingdom doesn’t stop when it comes to the Brexit decision issues. In general, Britain is becoming a hostile environment for all those that are in Poverty, Disabled or of Foreign Nationality. The overhaul of the benefit system has become utterly devastatingly cruel for all those who cannot work due to health issues or long-term disabilities. Recently, a Belgian woman with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), who has lived in Britain for many years, was told that she was not entitled to Universal Credit because she was in their eyes ‘an illegal alien’ (this was the exact terminology they used in her online journal communication log in). A terminology that I thought had been prohibited due to ‘political correctness’.

There are vulnerable adults, like myself, who cannot even afford to pay their rent per calendar month. Many vulnerable adults have been moved into care homes and lost all their freedom because of these benefit cuts. Particularly, for those of us that are under 35 years old, the impact of these cuts has hit us even more severely. The local housing allowance rate is limited to a shared room rate per week. Those of us that had our own one room flats no longer qualify for a one-bedroom housing allowance rate. We have the option to go on the council housing list, but we are low priority, which means we either must go into a care home or end up homeless. Also, if you are denied the new Personal Independence Payment (replacement of Disability Living Allowance). This also removes the disablement payment of your Employment and Support Allowance. It has a knock-on effect which vulnerable people do not become aware about until they are caught up in the complex and distressing process. Once trapped in this process, it is too late to get out of by the time which has resulted in most of your money has been severely cut.

‘There was a newspaper article the other day about a terminally ill woman having been left to die on the streets. Her benefits had all been stopped and she was terminally ill with a form of Cancer. There is no way that she could have ever gone to work or made enough money to support herself in any form.’

Meanwhile, alongside the benefit reforms, our services are being drained of funds to pay the European Union exit fee and also pay the debt back which our Government has got us into over a period of many years. The NHS is now 70 years old, but their funding for EVERY service is in severe crisis. Many of us with long-term illnesses, have literally given up that our quality of lives will ever improve. The lack of resources, the exceedingly increasing waiting times for therapy, care and support. Our population has increased to such a degree that illness has now become more common than wellness. There has recently been a campaign about loneliness. This wouldn’t have become an issue if the Government hadn’t cut back on it’s health and social care budget. Most vulnerable adults find it hard to fit in, make and keep friends. A support worker for them is better than seeing barely seeing no one for weeks, months and sometimes years on end (if they don’t have any family support).

The United Kingdom has become a country that no longer cares about those that reside here. It may not be openly corrupt, like many other countries, but it is now cold and uncaring. The only things that seem to be a priority is money, rules and regulations. British society is slowly forgetting it’s humanity. There is no longer common sense in this country. Most of the staff who seems to work in the system seems to be bowing down to the ‘red tape’ of rules and regulations. It has been identified that Depression and Suicide is on the rise. And, also, Mental Illness is becoming more common. Maybe, instead of looking at the individuals, the system should take a long hard look in the mirror and see how worthless they’re making vulnerable individuals feel in this country.

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