I’m completely worn out. I can’t settle due to anxiety and I feel sweaty hot :(

I have never felt so utterly worn out in my life. I had stomach pains and now I feel really hit  I might have a bug but stress can do the exact same things to a person. I’m beyond anxious about rearranging the exam I have missed. It’s the weekend which makes it worse because I can’t ring up to inquire. I just want to get it done. Waiting until August is not good for my mental health or next steps getting my mark back to go on gcse level. I can’t stand feeling abandoned by people again and again either. I’m crushed emotionally when people I begin to like just disappear from my life due to circumstances every single time. It’s like as soon as I feel secure, life pulls the rug from under me and isolates me again. I’ve made others aware of what I need. They aren’t even wants. I literally cannot function unless I have what others perceive as wants. Each day that passes with others not listening or taking any notice of my views… I can feel it making me weaker like it’s going to kill me in the end. I have no control over that because my health is gòing down due to people not doing what I need. But no one has ever listened just ignored me and when I’ve got pissed off they’ve accused me of being the unreasonable awful one. Please listen before the stress kills me.

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