Functioning not going to happen today.

I won’t be able to function today. I took diazepam to sleep last night but it’s not knocked me out  yet. I’m totally relaxed but can’t function like this. I feel like I’m in a bubble which is lovely but things need to be done today which needs brain to be able to think. Luckily I typed something up for dwp before taking something to sleep. Printing it and sending it doesn’t take too much mental functioning. I was told to do a letter requesting to go from work to support group of ESA weeks ago. But I wasn’t up to it due to depression and working towards exams. I’m glad that my phone has autocorrect because the diazepam has stunted my ability to string sentences together and spell. I’d rather be like this than stressed out by the trauma of my past in my head. I cannot stand feeling uptight about anything anymore. It’s a horrible feeling and I would rather be at peace. I love this peaceful chilled feeling I get on this medication. Even though I’m not free in life… this makes me feel free and so very floaty. I’ve been told that I also look a lot less tired and stressed in my face.

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