I don’t get angry or upset anymore. Judge me all you wish but I won’t bite back.

As regular readers may have noticed. I have changed the layout of the blog around because it was time for a change. As well as those changes, I’ve made some personal changes too.

I refuse to get upset or angry about the judgments of others any longer. I will never bite back to discriminatory treatment again. That only ever made me look like the awful one. Let me make one thing clear here… those that have judged me throughout my life do NOT know me or anything about how my life has been from a young age. I have always been a strong person but that doesn’t mean things didn’t affect me. I have mental scars that I hide and that has led to me fearing other people. I may not show my fears but they are very real. I cannot trust another human being for many reasons. However, I still try to see the best in others despite how I’ve been treated. I still have the compassion and understanding for others. I spend the majority of my life doing things for others. That is the kind of person I am. I wasn’t able not to flip out at discrimination or things that angered or upset me as a younger person. That isn’t who I am. But being young is hard especially if you’re different. I’m still young but maturing. I cannot be bothered with hostility and hate. There is far too much of that in this world. As someone who is an intuitive empath type, I feel so much of the negative, horrible things that goes on in society. I know that I can’t control what goes on out there. But I can make sure my own life is not full of negative energy.

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