Trying a few things to help with aspects of my Autism. Also, surprisingly coping with the heat despite being pale. Also, advice on growing frizzy coarse hair.

I’m just going to start off with the obvious because like I’ve heard this statement a million times everywhere I’ve been today. It is too HOT at the moment! However, I’m actually getting some sort of tan on parts of my arms and upper half of my body which is something that has never happened previously. I’m used to being as pale as snow. I’m still pretty disappointed in my legs though. They haven’t really changed colour and where my hair has been down my back it’s still pale. I’m putting my hair up in a bun tomorrow before I go out and wearing my shortest shorts, so hopefully every where else starts catching up. Even if I do get some form of tan though… I go back to pale quite fast. It is very short lived but nice while it lasts.

I’ve never been that into the whole tanning thing because I’ve literally never been able to tan. I’ve always been able to burn but the lobster look is definitely not a good image. I’ve not washed my hair in over a week because I washed it too much and it started snapping due to the oils not being in it. It’s a lot better and I know that if I wash it in this weather it’ll end up looking wild. I do have a migraine coming on because of the heat too. I get them anyway and I can feel my hay fever starting to kick off (that also gives me a headache). It has felt like a sauna today. I went for an hour walk after the strongest sun strength had dropped.

It was like walking in an oven. I had wet clothes by the time I had got home. It also dries hair right out so I had to put oil through it before and after I came back. They cover their heads in countries that are hot all the time. It literally would fry their hair on a daily basis if they didn’t, not to mention probably getting sunstroke. I do have a silk wrap scarf thing that I could put around my head but that may make me hotter. It’s original purpose was to add to the when I was doing tarot card readings for people. I was trying to look authentic (even though I am but people like entertainment too). It is also good for preserving lengths of hair. For instance, if it is needing to be washed and you want to put on a pre oil treatment then you can wrap the scarf around your head after applying olive oil to the ends. The heat from being covered helps to soak the oil deep into the hair follicles (heat opens the follicles). This is something that everyone with frizzy thick coarse type hair has to learn because the PH level is quite tricky to keep balanced in this hair type. If things aren’t kept balanced then it leads to progressive drying which results in breakages. That is why washing this type of hair once a week is advisable. There have been some people that say washing it every fortnight or even every month is the best way to keep this kind of hair in optimum condition. I’m not too keen on that because hair can get so much bacteria in it from every day life.

I’ve done the too much washing it and it’s resulted in having to have half my hair cut because the lengths were so damaged. I want my hair long again. The only way to do that is not over wash it and massage oils into my scalp every night. I normally alternate between rosemary oil and coconut oil. Rosemary oil has properties in it that stimulate hair growth and reduces the amount that naturally falls out when brushed etc. It keeps away any dandruff because it nourishes the scalp which prevents it from getting dry. Coconut oil also does the things above, however, it also has more of a moisturizing and conditioning by adding protein and preventing the loss of protein. It can also be used to style the hair after using straightening irons etc. It is anti bacterial so it helps to prevent scalp infections etc and also if you have children who are always getting nits, the coconut oil is a repellent for insects. Apparently, although I can’t really back this up myself because I only have the odd grey hair appearing, older women have said it has kept their hair from going grey as they’ve aged.

I have also been researching on the internet for solutions to help with anxiety and sensory overload. I thought that this may help me go out into the outside world again because I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed and panicky. Well, I came across tinted glasses. They are designed to cut down the visual stress for those with dyslexia etc. They aren’t prescription glasses (I already have a standard pair that I use for reading from the optician). I get my college things printed on yellow. But, that doesn’t help when I’m out and about. It may be the sensory overload and extreme anxiety that it causes which creates the social problems of autism. I ordered some because it’s worth testing out the theory. They’re not yellow tinted because I’m trying to make things not stand out so much to decrease sensory overload. There are tests on the website which help customers to determine which is the right tint for them. The ones that I thought were the most appropriate and that helped with my sensory overload perception was a tone between pink and purple. That is a calming colour for me because it’s my favourite colour. I do feel that we have to trial and error our own solutions because of how unhelpful and uneducated society currently is about forms of Autism. And who knows? We may actually be pioneers of new treatments and coping mechanisms in the process.

I do NOT moan in regards to my Autism/Mental Health issues. I simply point out what isn’t helpful to people like myself. The fact that others do not wish to be told they’re not being appropriate when trying to ‘support’ us isn’t my problem. I do not just say that I don’t like something. I try to make a valid point regarding a solution that could be used instead of the current system already being used. I am experiencing poverty at this moment in time. And, there are things which are really scaring me about the changes to the benefit system and trying to get PIP via going to tribunal. However, I know it is going to happen regardless whether I want it these things to occur. I just need to have a valid argument about the parts of my disability which will make obtaining and holding down a job hard. And, a valid point when it comes to stating that I used the DLA money to maintain my car due to the debilitating anxiety I experience when using buses and other public transport. The argument that I go out to the Gym etc so I must be okay. I can not afford the membership anymore because of how much money has been cut off of my benefits. I used to go later on in the evening anyway due to social anxiety. The DWP assessor that did my assessment was a Physiologist. They had no concept of Autism or Mental Illness. They had absolutely no idea how depression can completely stop someone being able to function. 

On a positive note, I have lost 2 more lbs. So I’m now 9 stone, 6lbs (59kg). I’ve not barely exercised this week. I was expecting to stand on the scales and see a 2 lb gain. But, I think the heat has been sweating the fat off of me this week because it’s been so hot that just moving has felt like a huge effort. I tried to exercise two days this week and had the odd hour walk, but nothing like I was doing when it was cooler. It is just so difficult in this weather.

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