Been horrendously ill all night. Things are affecting me extremely badly.

I am going to try hard not to go into detail but I have not had a very pleasant night. I have never been so bad before. I’ve had the most horrendous monthlies for a few years which has made me aneamic. But it was so much worse during the night. To cut out the very unpleasant details. I had to sleep on newspaper and even then, I still needed to get up and wash the sheet because it looks like something has been slaughtered on it.

I went through 3 different pjs/onesies because there was so much coming out. I literally feel weak and dizzy because I lost that much blood. I close my eyes and I’m seeing blue colours. As I said before, the longer things remain unresolved… the more it’s affecting me in this way. I can’t carry on like this anymore. If I did ever work then I couldn’t with these types of effects bought on by what has gone on. I lose more and more iron, ending up weak and dizzy. Prolonged that can be fatal. I take iron tablets or increase iron intake in dietary ways and it makes my monthlies even more severe.

I’m severely suffering and all the gp offers me is the coil. The route of the issues have to sorted not a band aid but there. I don’t like the thought of the coil. Even my anti depressants are like putting a plaster over what has happened. It doesn’t sort things out. It’s fine for others because they’ve got their lovely little lives. They’re not unemployed or struggling financially because of things that have happened. It isn’t right to leave things as they are when it’s severely making me ill.

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