Right, I’m going public because I’ve had enough here.

I want to go public now because I have felt bullied for over 3 years and every time I tried to retaliate I got punished. I had a university point blankly refuse to understand my type of Autism. They NEVER put in ANY accommodations for me. I only said what I said that started the whole of the situation because they did that to me and then kicked me out. I have been victimised and people saying stuff about me that isn’t true. Even the other person involved in the situation doesn’t know what happened properly before I blew at them via email. I don’t act like that for no reason.

I desperately need everyone to listen to me and subsequently do the right thing. I am not going to be able to go out or ever not be this traumatised if people don’t do the right thing by me. I don’t even like going out of my home right now. It’s got that bad because of the gossip (let’s face it that has always been an issue in this sh*thole of an area). And, the stagnation of what is causes me to be addicted to painkillers and not sleep. It’s a hell that others can release me from by doing the right thing.

People do not listen to me. If they had done ever in my life then things wouldn’t have to be the way they are right now. I actually warned others that if they carried on the situation I was going to end up traumatised. I wasn’t just saying that to break the order at the time. I was communicating it because I know my disability. I have an illness. I am not a bad person and I no longer deserve this sentence via orders etc. The whole reason why I started this blog was to stop people seeing my disability wrong.

I have suffered enough. I deserve others to be accepting of me. I lost all my money to psychics because they kept telling me that it would all be sorted soon (as in fixed). Therefore I now don’t have barely any money to live on while trying to get PIP back. Karma has made me pay enough. I have bared my heart and soul on here. I have been trolled for voicing my feelings and all those cruel things have been accepted by the police. I try to retaliate and I’m the one that got charged with a crime. The whole situation has been covert bullying  and victimisation (singling me out and excluding me) for the last 3 years. I’m sick of talking to a brick wall. All I ever wanted was for others to understand me and be friends with me. The fact that I can’t go out much now means I am badly affected. I can’t go out there while everything stays as it is. I cannot sleep while everything stays as it is. That is the honest truth and I wish it didn’t affect me like that.