Em was right, and it is quite lucky I listened to my intuition.

Mister brought a mouse in with him last night. I but him in my draw all night away from the cats (it’s a canvas type bedside table so it was quite practical in this case). I had several people tell me to put him out of his misery because it looked like he was suffering. I thought that he just needed a break to  recover from the terrifying experience of Mister using him as a living toy. He had blood all around his ear where he’d been caught by claws. His leg was dragging behind him (it looked broken but every so often he’d move his foot). I checked on him (when I finally found him underneath my things in there) this afternoon.

I am glad that I didn’t listen to others when they were saying give it to the Cat to finish him off because it was kinder than letting him suffer. He was absolutely fine. I’ve just had to clear out and disinfect my draw because he had gone the toilet over night. It was like he was back to normal. He was so fast when I picked him out of there that he nearly jumped off of my hand. It was like he had gone back to normal. The blood wasn’t noticeable and his leg was working again. I knew that he’d be okay. I’ve let him back out in the garden away from the Cats. He must be getting hungry by this point and he seemed happy as he ran into the bushes. If I’d listened to others that advised me then he would have died when he would have recovered.

He just needed a rest and to get over what my cat had done to him. I did say that I feel things and what I was picking up wasn’t what everyone else was assuming. I looked after him and now he’s gone back to normal. It’s not always a good idea to jump to conclusions. Yes, he looked rough last night after the encounter with Mister, but he rested and woke up recovered. He is now fast enough at running (believe me I know as he was trying to run up my arm while I was taking him outside) to be able to survive outside. He was definitely hungry though because he had chewed through a plastic bag I had stuffed in my draw.  I don’t know what to feed him otherwise I’d have left food down for him too.

Mister really has to quit bringing mice inside. The other one he brought in the previous night got put back outside as he wasn’t hurt that much apart from a tiny part of him that Mister had clawed and that wasn’t deep enough after it stopped bleeding to really affect the mouse. They are the same types of mice so he must be going to a spot where this breed of mice live. The mice look very young, they definitely aren’t adults. You have to be extremely fast to catch the mice when he drops them in the middle of the living room floor. They do bite too. The one the other night didn’t bite me, but this one bit me. He didn’t break the skin though so I think it was more of a warning bite rather than attacking me. The poor thing wanted to go out but I weren’t sending him out like that last night.

He was probably scared because of being brought into a strange place by a playful Cat who doesn’t know his own strength. He is careful because he doesn’t kill what he brings in that often. He prefers to use them as live toys. He doesn’t want to hunt them but just play with them because it’s a game to him. He’s a comical cat anyway. There are many daft things he does which is hilarious and his mannerisms can be quite funny too. The other Cat (his sister), Mimi, is the serious one. But, she likes cuddles and always ends up backing herself up into my arms when I’m asleep. I wake up feeling like I’m holding a warm cuddly toy. Then Dave, the one that moved in, can be quite funny sometimes too. He’s getting on in years so he would rather just come in and sleep on my sofa or eat.

I have always talked to them so they’ve learned to meow and make other random noises. Mister and Dave are quite outgoing all the time (meaning they make chirpy and meow noises a hell of a lot). Mimi, on the other hand, is quiet, unless she is hungry which results in her sounding like she is moaning at me in meow tones. It is difficult having two Tom Cats in the same place because they naturally just don’t get on. There is always at least one slap and hiss session per day here. They don’t actually fight nowadays, however, they do show their utter disapproval of each other on a daily basis. I tell them to stop it though and they instantly pack it in.