I don’t want to exist anymore. Medication addiction is a huge issue too at the moment.

I am so fed up of struggling. I managed to get some sleep. I just cannot exist this way any longer. I’m barely eating because I get too down to eat. I don’t want to gain weight either because if I’m not walking so much that will happen. I don’t sleep much especially at night. And I just don’t want to exist like this any longer. I’m also taking solphadine painkillers like sweets throughout the day. I know my organs don’t like it because my lower back has been feeling sore. I feel like I need to detox from them. I feel dizzy quite a lot which isn’t a good sign. I just need them to get through the days right now. I hate the thought of waking up each day. I am that affected by my life events, I don’t want to go through constant daily battles anymore. It’s a struggle and I’m already tired enough.