The freaky shit has to stop okay.

I had my landline ring about twice at a few minutes to 2 this morning. I rang 1471 and the last call didn’t even register, which meant that I wasn’t able to retrieve any data on that last call.  I then started browsing the internet and it said spirits can do that and leave no data. Strange things have been happening but I told myself that I wasn’t going to focus on it. I was hoping that ignoring the freaky things that have happened would result in them stopping.

Light bulbs have blown many times in this flat. I tell myself it’s the electricity surges. I hear tapping in the middle of the night and put it down to noises from neighbouring flats. The cats stare at something I cannot see and I dismiss it. I have no energy and I assume it’s just health problems. What if I’m being spiritually attacked or there is something hanging around me draining my energy? I know that others who are sensitive have had issues where something has latched onto their personal energy and won’t let go. I’m weak due to what has happened to me and spirits know these things. They are attracted to weak humans. I’m definitely feeling more and more drained. I assumed that I was just run down and exhausted from lack of sleep. I’m not crazy. The phone did ring at 2am and there was no data even recorded on 1471. It didn’t even register that there had been a call since 8pm yesterday. It definitely rang because I heard it. If something is attaching itself to my energy then I just want it to leave. I can’t carry the heavy energy. It’s making me extremely tired and barely able to do anything. It’s basically like carrying someone around with you if you’ve got another spirit type energy attaching itself to you. It doesn’t feel dark but the energy has felt so heavy on top of me for many months. It definitely had it’s own issues in life because the weight I feel zapping my physical energy. I thought as I got older these occurrences would not happen anymore. It seems that I must be a trusted host for unsettled spirits. I don’t know what they think I can do for them. They certainly make my life a struggle.