There is going to be a witch hunt of innocent people (those with disabilities not those that deserve it) if we proceed in certain ways. These proposals will not be practical or safe for certain groups of people.

I managed to catch the news earlier. They keep bringing stalking up and increasing the measures that they’re taking to bring people to justice before people get murdered etc. May I remind them that the reason the laws I got caught up in due to my disability issues were amended previously in the 90s to tackle the same issue. The people that do deserve to get done under those laws are still getting away with it. Those genuinely trying to terrorise someone on purpose to avenge them due to relationship break ups are not going to tell the truth to police when questioned. Those that went on to murder their victims were most likely sociopaths and those types of individuals are never caught until it’s far too late.

The way that a sociopath works is gaining the trust of those around them by lying and not being obvious in what they’re doing to another person. These individuals are a lot worse than Narcissists. Narcs just like to cause trouble due to whatever personal issues they’ve got from experiences in their lives. Sociopaths and also Psychopaths make up a small percentage of the whole population on Earth. That is a good thing though because they carry out acts that are severe towards others. These are the ones that kidnap, stalk to kill (wanting the victim all to themselves – they can’t have, no one else can have kind of thing), run terrorist cells etc. And, scarily enough, they are certainly not who people would expect. They are less likely to be ones that have ever got into trouble with the law (because of the constant lying and manipulation to keep the cover that they’re a psycho/sociopath) and a vast amount of them have been seemingly upstanding members of local communities (to outsiders anyway).  They will always ensure that the other person looks like a liar regardless of the levels they have to stoop to. There are people that know what they’re really like but they are far too scared to speak out against them. Those that do speak out against them will end up suffering the consequences.

Anyway, the main issue I want to make, after that quite long introduction to the topic, is the following. I can see a witch hunt happening which involves the wrong people. The social outcasts with disabilities, such as myself, will be the ones targeted by any legislation bought in. This has already happened after the laws were changed back in the mid 90s to prevent what has still been happening. I see both sides of the coin. There does need something to be done but those that get into trouble because they find social things difficult (due to disabilities etc) simply can no longer be grouped into the same category as someone who is a potential psychopathic/sociopathic killer. There should be different tiers and routes that don’t involve punishment and/or a record for those that come into contact with legalities due to lack of understanding caused by disabilities.

I think in Canada they have a Criminal Justice Board which is like a panel that judges whether the defendant should be given a record or an alternative route should be explored. They aren’t like the CPS in this country that merely looks at it from a probability of conviction relating to evidence and loosely on public interest (most focus goes on the successful prosecution or not due to strength of evidence rather than anything about public interest). However, it has come out recently that there have been a lot of staff working in the CPS intentionally manipulating cases. Even one of the managers within the CPS who was quite high up was forced to resign a few months back. The CPS do have targets, which I found out myself as a teenager. It has been publicised that the Criminal Case Review Commission is barely putting any cases back into court to have convictions relooked at again. Some of those people have even served time in prison for things they didn’t do. It’s bad enough getting convicted for things you’ve done without reckless or negative intention, going through a trial and getting convicted for something you had absolutely no involvement must be hell.

I also feel that there needs to be legislation introduced which means those of us who have spent our records, which we only got due to disability issues and lack of appropriate support, should have an option to be pardoned. Until our records are wiped off completely, they’ll still come up on enhanced DBS checks which you need for any professional job. A criminal record makes insurance more expensive (you have to declare it because if you have an accident and it comes out then your insurance is void). People are losing their homes anyway in this climate, let alone those that rent and find it problematic when background checks are done due to being labelled a criminal when they should have received help instead. I feel that if in these circumstances someone proves they’ve changed or worked on their issues, that the record should be removed.

The increase in legislation and plans on the news earlier is going to make that an impossibility. Anyone that has got done for Harassment etc because of social problems will never be given a chance in the future. I’ve spoken to these campaign groups that are trying to tighten the laws and group harassment with stalking (which they’ve already managed to do in layman’s terms). They don’t listen to me because of my label. The day I was labelled initially was the day I no longer had a voice.

I’m genuinely afraid of our society becoming exclusive of those of us that are seen as social odd balls who have been labelled negatively. In my case I never had any malicious intent. I was taught at school to write things down if I couldn’t say them (being a shy child). That stuck and as I got older it got me into trouble. I only ever wanted a friend. I’m now treated awfully by people because of a simple want of a friend. Although, I must say that after everything I’ve been subjected to over the years, my want of a friend is now firmly no longer a desire. I could go for weeks without seeing anyone and that would be fine. I feel like I’m protecting myself from accusations if I do not mix with others much. That also goes against me because I never get to know people face to face and show that I’m not a threat or dangerous… just rather different.

I don’t want to live in this kind of society because I am actually feeling like it will get dangerous to be different soon. Ignorance fuelled by media coverage is probably the most damaging to our lives. If people read things that portray something in a certain light, then this is going to be projected onto aspects of their lives (including the people around them that they come into contact with on a daily basis). I don’t want to be looked at with suspicion because of the ignorance out there. I live with the affects of how I’ve previously been treated for my autism traits on a daily basis. That is hard enough for me. The nightmares, the constant tiredness and inability to sleep is absolute hell. I’m very fearful that we will never get acceptance alongside those sorts of campaigns above. There is a huge amount of ignorance out there and ignorant attitudes leads to people grouping things together which are in fact incorrect or not accurate. I have already been a victim of that and I simply won’t be able to function in this society if that aspect gets any worse out there.