Anxiety causes tiredness.

I never thought that high anxiety would make me so tired. Until today because I couldn’t stay awake. I even slept last night. I slept nearly all day as well. I found a place that could help me with the PIP and other benefits situation after I woke up. I have an appointment later on this week and they’re also giving me a food voucher. I can’t even look at the statement, let alone complete it. I haven’t got anything done around my house. It’s like I’m being crippled by the anxiety I feel due to PIP etc.

I’m getting pissed off at myself and quite depressed because I’m getting absolutely nothing done. I’m that tired all the time that I could literally sleep all day. I would love to have some energy for a change. The housework has built up and now it seems like a huge amount because I’ve left a lot of it so long. The more it builds up, the worse the task becomes. I’ll feel a lot better about my surroundings when I’ve done it. However, it’s got to the point where I don’t even know where to begin.

I can’t even concentrate on anything. I will never be able to function enough to pass my Maths exam or even do every day life things. I just want to sit there and stare into space. I can’t concentrate when I try to do anything. I just can’t stay grounded because of the financial issues causing me that much anxiety. I really hate not being able to get anything done because my days feel wasted.