The Brexit vote explained by those of us that voted leave (the genuine non-racist ones).

I’m not able to reply to comments in groups at the moment because when I advertise my blog I get temporarily banned from posting on Facebook groups. I had someone tell me that we were aware that we were voting for racist attitudes by the words used for the leave campaign. For example: ‘take back our borders etc’. Those of us that didn’t have the education didn’t understand the wording of the leave campaign.

It is common knowledge that there are more illiterate people than educated people in the United Kingdom because of our schools failing generations of children for many years. I’m not illiterate but I do have learning disabilities and was never helped at school in regards to understanding. A huge amount of us have been left behind and not educated enough to know what we are being told. Why should we be blamed for not being educated properly. I wanted to learn but no one wanted to teach me because of my problems. I’ve been trying to catch up over the last couple of years. I paid for 2 of my gcse’s and made the most of what was funded for those of us on benefits. If I hadn’t done that myself I’d still be stuck where I used to be because no one else helped me. I remember others making it as difficult for me as possible. I’m now educated enough to not vote for things that are worded in the way that the leave campaign was presented to us.