Brexit. A warning that we shouldn’t leave the EU.

I don’t think that there is anywhere that we can hide from the various Brexit negotiations which are going on. I am one of those that voted to come out of the EU. We were definitely misinformed on what we were actually casting a vote on. I seriously think that we should reconsider our exit from the EU. We simply aren’t strong enough economically on our own. Since the referendum we have already seen the affects of that decision. It’s most likely just going to get worse. The hate within this country towards each other have increased to a very high level. There was never this much hate before we made the decision to leave the EU.

The Racism has definitely gone up because all the right wing extremists have taken their vote to purely get non-native citizens are kicked out of the UK. I wouldn’t have cast my vote to leave if the full facts had been given to us. I would vote remain if we had another referendum. It is awful enough out there already, I’m sure that it will just get worse once we do leave the EU officially. We are definitely going to end up a third world type country. I’m one of the ones that can feel things and what I’m picking up is on a disaster kind of scale. It won’t be safe for any of us that are different to go out because we will be targeted by those trying to get money because the country will be that broke. I know that it sounds crazy but that is what I’m sensing.

Look around, it’s started already. The things that are happening now are on a small scale compared to what is going to happen. None of us will have money at the bottom of the pile (do not work due to disability and can’t change our situations easily). People will be stealing off of each other and they won’t care what they do to others because they’ll be stealing to survive. The conflict that is happening now is absolutely nothing to what scale it’s going to end up. It’s going to be an awful existence for us all.