I’m really not feeling right.

I couldn’t sleep again last night. I also have hayfever kicking off this morning. I don’t normally get an itchy eye but that is happening as well as a really irritating runny nose. I don’t have to take hayfever tablets often but I think I may need to today. I can deal with mild hayfever without medication  I walk out in the country near my home. I pass lots of fields and other pollen containing plants and trees. I get a runny nose but to me that is nothing compared to when it gets to the level of itchy and runny eyes along with sneezing. I also get that rash come up in my hands when it’s quite severe. I always get that rash when the oil seed rape (yellow crop) is planted in fields surrounding where I live. There is too many crops in one area and the pollen from all those fields builds up. They plant them in so many fields in this local area. The rash on my hands actually disappeared as soon as those yellow crops were harvested.

It isn’t pleasant but every year I try to get through it by telling myself it’s only temporary.  It is the only way to cope with the times where your hands are red raw and insanely itchy. The will power required not to itch was so hard to maintain. Then when the rash starts going in between your thumb it starts to make writing sore. I was doing revision at the time it came up and it was really painful to try to use a pen to write with. Luckily it cleared up before my actual exam. That would have really messed up getting my exam paper finished on time.

I really need to eat more but I can’t afford to due to bills and rent coming up over the next few weeks. I don’t have enough money to eat and pay them. I only ate a yogurt and two tuna sandwiches yesterday. I ate breakfast cereal this morning. I can’t eat consistently though. I can’t eat a lot per day because it has to last me a fortnight. It’s the only way I can spread out my finances to cover everything.