Very restless! Sleep issues.

I haven’t slept much in the last 3 days. I just cannot settle. It’s extremely annoying. I would love just one sleep which lasts all night. I just need one good night of unintrupted sleep. No cats waking me up or even more importantly, no dreams disturbing me.

I’m getting restless and extremely moody because I’m over tired. I need a rest and because I cannot sleep I’m not getting any sort of rest. The doctors don’t give out sleeping tablets much nowadays. They don’t allow long time use. I’m used to my anti depressants now so I no longer get the sedative affect at night. I can’t change my situation by worrying. It’s not going to help. I won’t be in any fit state for benefits tribunal if I can’t sleep. I hate being like this because I’ve laid here all night so alert and on edge. I don’t actually feel my anxiety but I know I must be very anxious right now. I have to be in a high state of anxiety to feel on edge. I just need proper sleep but I can’t switch off.