Laptop issues at home and had a lovely day resting (I needed it, not lazy).

I may not be as productive as normal over the next few days. The new Lenovo laptop which I bought a few months ago (after my very ancient laptop started not working) has now thrown a huge wobbly. I cleaned it last night because it was literally full of finger prints. I didn’t spray too much on it because it’s not wise to do so with electronic equipment that may get damaged if it gets into the touchpad or keyboard (there is electronic boards underneath that get temperamental when liquid touches them). I’m hoping I haven’t accidentally damaged it that way.

I used to get told by my Dad that I had ‘nylon knickers’ when it came to electrical equipment. This is because things broke on me when I touched them. I didn’t even have to actually press anything and it would just break on me. I have tried to fix it using the shortcut keys via the keyboard (which I’m not good at because I wasn’t the generation of computer users that grew up without a mouse function on the computers/laptops). The settings are fine. There isn’t anything that has turned itself off. According to the settings, everything should be working normally. I’ve read a few online forums and the only thing it could logically be is something to do with the device drivers. I’ve bookmarked a page of instructions on my mobile phone and I’m going to attempt to keyboard toggle my way into device manager when I get home.

I’ve had quite a relaxing day because I really needed it. I wasn’t feeling too great again when I woke up this morning. I get used that though because it’s always the same for me at this ‘time of the month’. However, I randomly started to feel extremely relaxed (this doesn’t happen often) and managed to get into a deep sleep for at least 3  hours. It was so nice and I needed it so much. I got to sleep earlier last night because I couldn’t watch Netflix due to the laptop malfunction. I ended up with the best sleep for a few hours today though. I don’t get deep sleep that often because I literally hear everything which wakes me up (sensitive hearing to do with my Autism side). I do end up that worn out that I literally just feel an overwhelming tiredness and as soon as I manage to relax I can be gone into a deep sleep for hours. I feel better for it. 

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