How to deal with severe monthlies.

These things I have tried myself, so I know that they do help a bit. I don’t want to go into too much details because it will get a little gross to read. I would like to help other women that have the same issues. We can’t do much about hormones. I’ve tried to fight them but sometimes you just have to roll with it. I just avoid people when I’m really wound up because it’s always led to conflict. Certain people like to wind me up on purpose when they realise I’m acting hormonal. I don’t find that fun. I hate how people make fun out of PMT/PMS type things when they really don’t have a clue how horrendous it can be to cope with hormonal disturbances. This is another reason why I’m talking about it.

Recently, there has been things on the television etc about mental issues that can come with monthly hormones. I actually discussed these with my GP when I last went to the doctors about those issues. This was only about a month ago at the most. The only thing they could offer me was an anti depressant which helps hormonal disturbances. There are no investigations that you can have because medical science haven’t come up with them yet. Meanwhile there are lots of us which are suffering on a monthly basis because of the PMT/PMS joke society. I also dislike it when society assumes that PTSD doesn’t exist or refuses to give me a formal diagnosis because then it would prove that what the system did to me actually harmed me. Therefore, that diagnosis could come back on the system. I’m not looking for compensation or to blame anyone for my issues. I just do not want to have the horrible dreams or anxiety that I have both socially and in every day life. I’m trying to battle it myself but I could access proper therapy for that side of things if I get an official diagnosis.

Anyway, a few physical tips in regards to coping with the heaviness of monthlies. I have found that packing your trousers with toilet paper helps when it’s really bad. It’s less embarrassment because there is more layers to go through before it comes through onto your clothes. Also, there is the obvious which involves wearing super flow pads or tampons. I’m 30 years old and I have decided to try tampons for the first time in my life. I’ve always been a bit nervous about using them. I’ve  decided just to go for it. It is important that when you are having one of those severe days of monthlies to stay near regular toilet stops. I find it reassuring knowing that I have less chance of embarrassment if I check regularly. I used to let the way they were every month control me. I now make sure that I technically control them. I can’t stop the way they are but I will not stop doing my daily life because of them. I still exercise when I have the energy. I only had two days off this week because I wasn’t well after my migraine.

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