Busy Bank Holiday Monday.

I went to the Gym today because I really have to use my membership. I spent an hour there because otherwise I overdo it. I won’t want to go regularly if I don’t alternate between some machines as it gets boring. I used to go for 2 hours but I soon got extremely bored of that. It was just too long. I’m not going to renew my membership in August because I cannot afford it any more. I decided that I’m not really a fan of the Gym anyway and had more joy with weight loss doing other things. I came home and did housework in the flat. It’s still far from completed but I can’t do it all at once.

I have a migraine tonight. That is caused by hay fever as that is continually filling up my sinuses. I blow it out, no sooner have I done that, it fills back up again. I had a migraine cooling strip on for a while but I still feel horrendous. I’m going to take an anti histamine so that I can at least get some sleep without my nose running or filling up. It’s painful enough when it’s all getting stuck in my head. I love the weather (especially after the thunderstorms at the weekend) but I’m technically allergic to it when the pollen count is medium to high.

I discovered that my car had been vandalised today. Someone has keyed a C into the back of my car. I was not happy when I found it. I really have to go now because my head pain is too intense to stare at the screen any longer.

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