I am extremely skilled at procrastination.

I meant to get up early this morning. I woke up at lunch time having cuddled one of the cats (Mimi) after rolling over having heard my alarm this morning. I felt so annoyed at myself because I was getting things done and now I’m behind again. I hate when I make so much progress and then get tired and not do anything because I decided to sleep in.

I’m trying to go through my whole flat because everything got into a state when I was studying for my exams. It is far too much to do all in one go, especially if my energy levels keep dropping. I’ll find out if I’m anemic again this week. I’m trying to eat more where my tight budget allows. I haven’t got my appeal date through for PIP yet. I’m too tired to even style my hair today, let alone work if I can’t get it back. The tiredness is holding me back in so many ways. I’ve been like this for 5 years and it’s progressively got worse. I didn’t really notice it at first but as the years have gone on it’s become very annoying.  

I also need to finish my designs for the National Brain Appeal exhibition. I’ve done one envelope but I’m on my second one and the felt tips that I am using aren’t working properly (haven’t used them in a while so they’ve dried up a bit). The theme is a way with colour, which is perfect for me because I cannot draw but I have a way of combining colours. I could never be called a proper artist because my drawings look like child scribbling. They’re selling the designs for about £85 but all the proceeds go to the charity. The designs are sold anonymously on the day so there is no artist credit (names of artists aren’t revealed until the end of the exhibition. The exhibition is in London from 27-30th September 2018 at the Gallery@Oxo -) Oxo Tower Wharf in London). I was attracted to this charity because they help those affected by a range of different brain conditions. It’s not just one area and for people like myself who has multiple issues in that department, then the research that they do is extremely useful.