A few minutes to consider writing projects.

I have ten minutes to take a rest after walking in the sun. Then I must get some housework done because my flat has got into a state. There is just too much to do in one go and when you’re struggling with energy levels it is even worse. I only went for a half a hour walk today which is unusual for me. I’ve had a much busier week that I’ve had for a very long time. It’s harder when you’re not drinking to excess to get through it, as I used to a few years back when I was at college full time doing my GCSE’s. Life is so much more smoother if you sober up and actually are aware of everything that you may be doing. I think I clean the windows better when I’m intoxicated though because I have so many streaks on one of my windows. That isn’t something that used to happen. However, I haven’t cleaned the windows for a whole year. There was so much dirt on the windows (I think that there is a hell of a lot of pollution coming from the main road next to our block of flats) and also the cat’s paw prints where they’ve jumped up. There’s a lot more light in my flat now that they’ve been cleaned. It isn’t something that bothers me, but when you clean the windows there is a noticeable difference.

As much as I enjoy the sun and I feel better after being out in it, I am still much more of a night owl. I’m able to finish things much quicker at night (eg. the story I wrote for the anthology and one envelope design for the national brain appeal art exhibition). This is the way that I have always been since a child. I didn’t get money for half of the things I’ve written. The anthology proceeds went to charity and if my artwork is sold on an envelope then the proceeds will be going to the National Brain Appeal charity which helps people affected with a wide range of neurological issues. I have been told that I own the short story that I submitted to be part of the anthology. Other authors have published their stories on Kindle as an ebook download for 99p. I’m thinking of taking mine and doing that too. It is my intellectual property, therefore I’m thinking of changing it slightly and saying that it is the uncut version. I had to keep a lot of aspects of the story quite brief because we were only allowed a set amount of words due to the fact that we were sharing an anthology with other authors.

I’m also considering writing a fictional book on the process in which people end up complete and utter narcissists. There is no one born a narc. They are shaped into a narc by their life experiences and I’m thinking that readers will find reading about that process quite interesting. I won’t be writing about my own life in particular. Although, I must admit that my experiences in life did turn me into a complete narcissist. I’ve been watching documentaries on Narcissism. I do know a lot about the subject but you do need to research too in order to make readers feel that they are reading something realistic. Or that they can literally see someone they’ve met that was a complete and utter narc within what is written in the book. Nevertheless, by the end of the book I am going to attempt to get the reader to feel sorry for the narc. That is going to be rather a large project which will probably take me the whole summer holidays to write and edit.