Chilling out in my ‘royal wedding free zone’.

I was actually quite productive today. I didn’t go for a very long walk today because quite frankly I’m extremely tired from exams this week. I spent two nights awake before them prepping the material due to the fact that I was so frightened I’d actually forget it. That is like 48 hours worth of sleep I am missing. I didn’t even feel it after my exam. I actually went for a long walk that evening. Then the cats were waking me up at a stupid hour and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I could gladly sleep but I haven’t today.

I have not even turned on the television today because I know what will be on nearly every channel (every time the news comes on). I’m making sure that I have a royal wedding free home today. I said that I was going to boycott it and I firmly meant it. I am a woman of strong values and principles. Those that know me well will know what I’m like in that department. I will firmly stand against something even if it makes me unpopular. If I happen to feel that something isn’t right then I will mention it and show that I feel that way. That has got me kicked out of a lot of places and fallen out with a few people that meant a huge amount to me. However, you learn that if you get older, those places or people would never have been a pleasant experience within your life. There is no way that you could ever relax and be yourself around them. The only way that you ever could would be if you dropped your beliefs and became someone that you simply weren’t.

I have my beliefs and principles due to the life that I have experienced. I am not changing them because others that haven’t been through those things try to convince me that I am wrong. It is simply the fact that some of us won’t agree with one another. We just keep away from each other because it is much less stressful. I just cannot ignore what I have seen and the things that have happened to me as a youngster. If others were in my shoes then they could see why I feel that way.

Anyway, I did quite a lot today. I need to go to back to cleaning the windows now. I had a break because I got tired. I only have the two back ones inside to clean now. I also checked my cars tyres to make sure they haven’t gone down. I’ve thrown a load of old revision notes in the bin that I no longer need. I’m reluctant to do the rest of the windows but I cannot leave them half done.