Why you should #BoycottTheRoyalWedding…

I would just like to list all the reasons that I can possibly think of as to the reasons why we should consider boycotting the royal wedding tomorrow. I’m personally refusing to watch anything to do with it tomorrow. Obviously, we can’t force people to boycott but I’m just putting things forward.

The first reason is in regards to the homeless having been removed from the streets of Windsor. Something that I am sure that the likes of  Price Harry’s Mother (Princess Diana) would disapprove of quite a lot. In her memory, despite it being her sons wedding, I think that people should at least consider how she would have probably reacted to the above actions. She isn’t alive any more to say anything. Therefore, we should by boycotting the royal wedding.

The next reason is that the money which goes into this wedding is far too much. It is quite simply elitism at it’s most disgusting. It is perfectly understandable to want the best wedding dress etc when you get married. However, a proportion of her dress cost, reportedly £400,000 would cover all the benefits that disabled people and other disadvantaged groups of people have lost. Those of us that have lost benefits can barely afford to eat. We have to chose between eating and paying bills and every day essentials. Our support is being either taken away or cut to unreasonable standards because of the Government trying to ‘save money’. The elites in this country are the ones that have dodged tax and got us into debt. They aren’t suffering. They’re still getting the money they’ve always received. The MP’s that fiddled the expenses. Those that had fake businesses registered abroad to avoid having to pay tax. They aren’t the ones being affected. It isn’t the royals fault directly, but all the elite part of society back each other. 

It is extremely important that those of us that have been failed by the system take a stand by not being part of the ‘celebrations’. We’ve had to struggle due to cuts and the awful system that is left for us to use. The elitists can afford private health care and even a lot of professionals that work within the system that is failing us also uses private health care. We get absolutely nothing because we don’t have the money. We are abused by society and then they blame us for kicking back after we can’t stand it anymore and then label us for life.