I am annoyed now. I need to put this out there.

I have to say something at this point because I’m starting to get extremely irritated. The issue doesn’t seem to be correcting itself so I have to say something. It will just keep happening if I don’t say something.

Over the last 48 hours, I’ve had guys keep adding my personal Facebook account. They won’ stop hitting on me and some have even repeatedly called me on messenger. I even got a very persistent one that sent me a photo of his …. last night. I even ignored the attempts to talk to me but they kept ringing me until approximately midnight last night. Then I keep getting random guys continually adding me. I have started denying the requests now.

I just want to make it clear that yes I am single, but certainly not looking at this moment in time. I don’t want one night stands or even ‘sexy time’ via online chat/video. I have absolutely no desires in that area. And, quite frankly, I do not think that I ever will! I’m far from turned on by your photos of your lower regions. I’m probably getting old now I’ve hit the big 30, but I simply find it vulgar. I have grown up now and honestly those things disgust me. I do photos but I never show anything too explicit. I keep it tasteful and everything personal stays covered. I have my boundaries (maybe not always had them, I realise this, but I do now) but these guys are more than over stepping them. If they were in front of me in the flesh I would ‘chop it off’ because they are annoying me so much.

I have made a life choice (mainly due to personal issues and circumstances) to remain single the whole of my life. Guys seem to be determined to change this but it’s my personal choice. There is absolutely no way that anyone is going to persuade me to change this decision. I just cannot be ‘involved’ with another because I simple can’t trust people enough. I already live on my own with 3 cats and nearly 4 if the other one decides to hang around. I’d take them over another human any day. They love me unconditionally and never expect me to change. They don’t set high standards that I can never meet, unlike humans. I’m one of those that are meant to end up a spinster with a house full of cats. It is just my path.

I just want to avoid relationship pain for the rest of my life. And, I will do if I never date a person. The things that I have been through have been damaging to me. I can’t get intimate with another and I’m always anxious around people. I have to have my own space at least for a few hours a day, otherwise I will end up going into a meltdown because I feel trapped. I’m not really a sociable person. Even more so now, because of things that have happened. I’m not confident or outgoing. I’m the equivalent to a frightened little mouse.