I’ve been waiting all week for this moment!

I know that I sound extremely sad by making this statement but I’m absolutely glad that I have done one set of exams. I feel so free and like I can relax for a bit. That subject weighs you down so much. It’s no wonder that the majority I’ve met with law degrees are so dull and up themselves. It’s so complex that it hurts my head. There are bits of it that were interesting, but others bits of the topics bored me to tears. The subject makes a person uptight. 

The last few weeks I’ve been very uptight because I knew I had to know enough to get a c or above. The two scenarios that came up on todays paper were the ones I hated the most due to finding them too complex. They were my weakest areas. Also, the fire alarm went off about ten minutes into the exam. We all had to go outside and it didn’t make it any easier. I didn’t end up with yellow paper for my exams in the end. It was not a major issue because I had my glasses on anyway. I just was led to believe that is what had been agreed.

I just had a much needed cup of tea and am now going to relax. I need a nap too because I hardly slept last night. I was going through all my revision for unit 2 to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. I did wing a lot of the two most complicated questions at the end of each topic today. Those are 8 mark A* type questions and it’s always a positive move to at least attempt them because if you get any of the points right then there’s a few extra marks anyway. I’m very unsure that I got the angle of the first topics continuous prose question right, but I added a few credible points relating to public nuisance etc and mentioned how it related to human rights. It may not be right but they do award points for explorative answers. The other continuous prose question was in regards to self-defence. Basically asking you to critically evaluate why the use of self-defence is not always a defence that is good to use in murder trial situations. That wasn’t the exact wording, but that was the scope of the question. I just put down everything I could remember about the advantages and disadvantages of the defence of self-defence and adapted it to what the question was asking.

Anyway, my brain needs a rest. I will be off for a much needed nap now. Goodnight 🙂