Revision break time.

I had to have a break to eat something because my brain is no longer working properly. I’m trying to stay awake even though I am very tired. Then both of my cats came and lay down next to me. They have gone to sleep. It makes it hard to stay awake because they look so comfortable. I’m worn out. I cannot wait until all my exams are over. I just want to sleep. I didn’t even do all my exercise apps on my phone last night. I felt weak and was in bed by 11 (not asleep though). I do need to take a break more because exercising every day and walking wears me out. It’s enough if you only do exercise sessions 3 times a week. I can’t keep the pace up doing it every day.

I’m exhausted and it’s a horrible feeling because I have no energy to do anything else. At least I’ve lost weight, which makes everything I have done worth it. I’m at the ‘healthy bmi’ now. I feel better, apart from the tiredness, for shedding a bit of fat. I feel lighter and moving around feels so easy. I felt like I was dragging myself around when I was a few pounds heavier. I’ve managed to lose half a stone. I’m a lot more flexible. I’m still a bit clumsy when it comes to coordination, but that is mostly caused by my brain issues, not weight. It took me 4 months to really get any weight to start shifting. In the last four weeks I’ve managed to get rid of half the stone.

I have to get on with my revision because I only have 2 days left to learn all of unit 1 and start unit 2 but I have a day in between them to brush up on that unit. I am hoping that my brain starts working again because right now it’s gone a bit mushy.