Allergies woken up again :(

I did fall asleep, which is what I didn’t mean to do because I was supposed to be revising. I thought my allergies had settled down a bit. Then I woke up with a streaming nose and runny eye. I have a very sore nose now. I woke up to a very annoying issue in my flat. The communal Ariel has packed up. I can’t get any channels on my television. The local council owns the area and I’m quite sure that we won’t get them fixing it over the weekend. They don’t do anything out of office hours even if it’s quite urgent. The television really isn’t necessity. I don’t watch it much. I normally leave it on as background noise.

I can’t get distracted this weekend anyway because I have to prepare for my exams. I have to make sure that I can at least get unit 1 firmly in my head for Monday. I have two days after that to make sure that I get unit 2 and I will only need to focus on a particular area (we only do 2 questions out of the 4 on either criminal, civil, family law or rights and responsibilities). I have decided I’m focusing on criminal and civil questions on unit 2 because I haven’t done a lot on the other areas. I cannot get my head around Probate and Intestacy. And, I haven’t really focused on rights and responsibilities (that is a very complex area which even many schools or colleges don’t recommend their students answer on the exam).

Ironically, the rights and responsibilities part revolves around defamation, liable and slander type issues which I would have done as part of my media law part of my journalism degree. I sold all the books to do with that course when I was quite upset. I just didn’t want any reminders in my flat. It was the only way I could try to move on. I find it hard to differentiate between defamation, liable and slander because the definitions only differ slightly. I don’t put names on here because I know enough about that area of law to know that I could be liable if I did name people or places. The only way that people would know who I was on about is if they had inside knowledge of anything which has gone on. I can only say certain things on here. I cannot go into vast amount of details when it comes to things that have happened within the system because others might be able to identify specifics by triangulation. That can happen via social media nowadays.

I see clients out and about from the support company that I used to be under. It is quite obvious that they are being failed. I honestly don’t give a sh*t if those that run the place look at this and get irritated by my comment. I am only saying what I see and if the staff there weren’t worried about potentially losing their jobs, then I’m sure they would agree with my observation. There are also a few people who would back me up with the above point. I’m not making the comment to upset anyone. I just see people being failed getting more and more frustrated. Their lives are going further down in a spiral when there is absolutely no need for that if they got the right support. I was strong enough to break free, survive and try to tackle my own issues because I had no choice. I had to go so far down to get to that point. I would have ended up dead if I hadn’t been as strong as I am. The same person that broke me, ironically also inspired me to get up and sort everything. I knew that if they could do it as a youngster, then I could too. I wouldn’t have ever grown up if I hadn’t met them. I just had to believe in myself and not believe everything I was told while I was growing up. I can’t let the fact that my brain doesn’t work properly get to me. It used to quite a lot. It doesn’t now and I am starting to feel settled for the first time in my entire life. I’m at peace with who I am. It’s taken me 30 years to get to that point.