Natural Sun Protection, Cats in the heat and how the cats help me socially.

I went for a lovely long walk in this heat today. I must admit that I hated it the first time we had this a few weeks ago. However, I have now changed my mind. It does help that I haven’t got allergies this time around. The spots on my hands have thankfully cleared up now. There isn’t so much of that yellow stuff in the fields either (which does really help when it comes to my allergies). I am tired (but hey what is new there), but I feel so much better for being out in the sun. I’m actually not as pale as normal. I exposed my legs today (in a skirt) and they haven’t turned any less pale. I’ve only had my legs out for one day. It’s taken my arms two days to become less pale. I know that people say wear sunscreen in this weather, however, it really feels uncomfortable to me. It’s part of the sensory side of my autism. The consistency of it makes me feel dirty because I don’t like the stickiness.

Therefore, I put coconut oil on the parts of me that are going to be exposed to the sun. I am aware of the controversy surrounding this method, which is why I’m going to basically say that some research disagrees with it’s UVA protection aspects. I’ve not got burnt today though, so I’m just saying it’s always good to question research trying to put us off using traditional natural methods of products. Sunscreen which is sold in shops is full of chemicals. I’ve always thought the smell alone gave the fact that it was full of dangerous chemicals away. There are many things that are in manufactured products which are not good for us and that isn’t really needed. They only put those chemicals in to give the products a longer shelf life.

While I am on the topic of chemicals in our products. The food manufacturers are a major culprit for adding unsafe chemicals. We are getting weight issues as a nation when a lot of us are only eating what we’ve always eaten. It’s not just about the fact that we age and weight just starts to pile on. There are youngsters growing up that are eating the same as we did and are finding the weight piling on. I have a perfect example of my own here… bread. I have always ate bread since a child. I was a larger child because of medication weight gain (the epilepsy medication), but, bread never used to make my stomach bloat up. That is what happens when I eat it nowadays. The food manufacturers need to go back to more natural ingredients because all the man made things aren’t doing us any good. 

Myself and all the cats (3 of them because the 4th one hasn’t visited me today) and spread out enjoying the sun. Dave is actually sitting in a sunny spot on my bedroom floor sunbathing. Mimi and Mister are slightly more reluctant about the spending time in the sun. They’ve had a different upbringing to Dave though. Dave has learned to fend for himself moving to different people’s homes, whereas, my two have been spoilt since day one when I adopted them. They’ve never had to even spend a whole night outside because muggins here has let them in when they’ve come meowing at the window. I have to make sure Mister drinks water in this weather because he sometimes just doesn’t do it. I use a syringe to droplet water into his mouth and he will lap it up.

Apparently, cats do that quite a lot. I thought Mister was just being difficult until I looked it up online and found it was a common issue with cats and hot weather. Mimi has her own issues. She is so fussy with food that sometimes she will actually refuse something that I know she’s had before and liked. Dave randomly tries to scratch you because at times he can be quite temperamental. It’s taken a while to get him to trust me so that he isn’t always defensive like that. He can be really sweet as well but on his own terms (similar to me I suppose).

Weirdly enough, I have learned more social skills from my cats than humans. There are certain things that the cats do which would be inappropriate for humans to do. Well, some may do it in certain situations (we all know without me even saying here), but I generally wouldn’t recommend it. They lick each others bums. They even talk to me in cat language now. I say something to them and they will answer me with some kind of meow. I go by the tone of meow. For example: I tell Mimi it’s not food time yet when she’s trying to ask me for food at random times (and she does know it’s not dinner time but she’s trying it on because I’m in the kitchen). I go ‘no it’s not food time’. And she meows back in a disappointed moaning tone.

They are extremely close to me. I go for a nap and Mimi and/or Mister come and lay down on my bed too. I actually found them cuddled up next to me (one on either side) when I woke up this morning. They go to sleep with their claws grasped onto me. Dave would probably come to sleep on the bed too (he has tried to in the past) if Mister and Mimi didn’t warn him off. The last time he got on my bed, the other cats growled at him and Mister slaps him regularly because he just doesn’t like him. It can be just like having children at times. Mimi and Mister will be playing (well it starts off like that but then she ends up growling at him) and Dave will rush into the room if he hears them doing that. Dave is the oldest, so naturally he’s going to think he’s the boss. Mister was here first though, which causes a bit of conflict.